Complexity of the COVID-19 pandemic in Maringá

While extensive literature exists on the COVID-19 pandemic at regional and national levels, understanding its dynamics and consequences at the city level remains limited. This study investigates the pandemic in Maringá, a medium-sized city in …

A pandemia em dados: a Covid-19 decifrada para a sociedade (pt)

Três físicos da UEM fundaram o Observatório COVID-19 Maringá, um site que surgiu da necessidade de registrar e analisar dados sobre a pandemia da Covid-19 na cidade.

City size and the spreading of COVID-19 in Brazil

The current outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an unprecedented example of how fast an infectious disease can spread around the globe (especially in urban areas) and the enormous impact it causes on public health and …

Maringá COVID-19 Observatory

Keeping track of COVID-19 evolution in the city of Maringá, Brazil